Cramer says he likes these technology and real-estate stocks for 2023

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  • In the year 2022, Tech and real estate sectors have been terrible game players among the S&P 500s
  • Although Cramer suspects that the tech and real estate sector will struggle to find its way back in the upcoming year, the tech sector may witness a better future in the second half of 2023.

On Wednesday, CNBC’s Jim Cramer listed a bunch of tech and real investments that are likely to advance in the year 2023, succeeding the year that has been gloomy for both sectors.

One of the fundamental challenges for the tech and real estate markets throughout 2020 was soaring interest rates.

While moving towards Wednesday’s market close, the IT sector descended to 27%, and the market for real estate dropped by 28.4%, throughout the year, to date. The worst S&P 500 performers are the consumer discretionary sector, which fell by 36.2%, and the communication services, which sank by 40.3%.

Cramer even believes that the technology and real estate industries will face similar difficulties in the upcoming year, with the tech sector transitioning onto the brighter side of its fortune in the second half of 2023.

Tech Stocks to Opt for 2023

ORCL – Oracle

Approaching Oracle’s potential for the fiscal year 2023, Cramer noted that the second-quarter gains for Oracle were “magnificent” last week. However, he adds that the stock sells out at less than 17 times its forward revenue. Although software enterprises aren’t precisely Cramer’s favorites at the moment, he states that Oracle seems like a “very durable” business.

AVGO – Broadcom

What Cramer likes most about Broadcom is its diversification strategy, which comprises its ongoing deal for VMware’s acquisition. He further said that the Broadcom shares possess a dividend yield of approximately 3.3%, accommodating their investors and keeping them patient as the firm carries on with its regulatory acquisition review. Recently, Broadcom has also declared a $10 billion stock buyback program.

PANW- Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks isn’t a part of the S&P 500. Regardless of it, Cramer thinks it’s the best-run firm functioning in the cybersecurity industry, a sector that has an inherent contribution to make in the digital age. Even though Palo Alto Networks outlined better results than expected in the previous month, Cramer straightens out that the stock hasn’t gotten further away from its 52-week closing slump of $142.21 back on November 4th. He added, “I recommend picking some up now right here and maybe some more into weakness.”

Real Estate Investments For 2023

Cramer says he prefers Realty Income due to its leading retail tenants — to name a few, 7 -Eleven, Dollar General, and Walgreens, which are businesses that sustain even through a probable recession. He stated, “Best of all, this company’s a dividend machine; they pay a monthly dividend and tend to raise it multiple times a year. Currently, the stock yields 4.6%.”

FRT- Federal Realty

As Federal Realty’s shares fell by approximately 25% in 2022, Cramer believes that the stock has proven to be a credible performer in the long run. Currently, its dividend yield stands at 4.25%. Further, Cramer said that Federal Realty is known for its diverse use of properties, many of which are located in prosperous suburbs. It seems to make a notable difference amid concerns emerging from a probable recession.

PLD – Prologis

Even though the stock fell by approximately 31% this year, to date, Cramer says that the REIT or logistics-centric real estate investment trust has shown incredible results. Cramer also believes that Prologis shares have collapsed to the point where they can now start and look enticing.

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