Applied Systems declare Partnership with Halwell Mutual Insurance Company

Applied Systems partnered with Halwell Mutual Insurance Company to prepare real-time commercial lines quoting for Halwell’s broker partners.

In a press release, Applied Systems said that it would utilize the data standards of CSIO commercial lines and its commercial quoting capabilities, issuing the broker partners of Halwell with a competitive edge as they function with the owners of small businesses and independent contractors.

The partnership will also provide the benefits of automation to the insurance process of Halwell’s commercial lines, according to Marg Torrance, President, and CEO of Halwell Mutual Insurance Company.

Torrance said that they collaborated with Applied Systems because they desired to create a manageable and more standard workflow for their broker partners who are quoting coverage for their independent contract clients. He also added that they’d start by bringing this feature to their Contractor Package, and they look forward to introducing it to many of their commercial packages in the future.

Applied has been associating with CSIO and insurer partners for creating an end-to-end commercial lines distribution solution, permitting brokers to use the complete advantage of standardized workflows. With this solution, they can virtually submit a request for a quote to multiple insurers and terminate the requirement of re-key data into insurers’ portals. In turn, insurers can recognize worthy packages for quote-to-bind, which improves response time on commercial quotes and grows the broker’s confidence as they present commercial products to customers.

Steve Whitelaw, a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Applied Systems, Canada, said that they’ve been on a focused journey over the past 18+ months for solving the challenge of commercial lines, bringing new technology and capabilities to market while partnering with the industry at large for standardizing the opportunity. He added that their partnership with Halwell supports their rising panel of insurer partners to supply efficient submission to brokers, quoting processes, and market choice and enabling insurers the advantage of stronger submissions. Collectively, this permits a better experience for business owners who turn to the broker channel for their insurance requirements.

Aside from Halwell, Applied Systems considers Edge Mutual Insurance Company, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Firm, L’Unique General Insurance, and Four Points Insurance among the list of insurer partners that trade commercial lines business on its platform.

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