Black Friday outages cause disruptions to HSBC’s online and mobile banking services.

Several UK customers were left struggling to access their mobile and online banking services on one of the busiest days in the festive season of the year, Black Friday.

Just after 8 a.m., the bank experienced issues with its “internal systems,” as many used their mobile and online banking services on Black Friday.

The services were restored on Saturday morning after technical problems experienced on Friday.

Acknowledging the problem and issuing an apology, HSBC made a statement on X saying that it was “deeply frustrating for many of our customers.”

“We’re really sorry for those impacted, and we’ll continue to monitor systems closely,” it continued.

The bank regularly updated its progress online throughout Black Friday. It was only natural for some customers to demand compensation.

Someone on X wrote, “Surely some form of compensation would be issued here? Some people have had a nightmare day. ‘Sorry for the inconvenience caused’ doesn’t help much.”

Although their debit and credit card services continued to work during the disruption, HSBC cautioned its customers to keep a record of their expenses.

As retailers slashed their prices during the Black Friday shopping bonanza, it was responsible for the outage.

Some might have accessed their bank to check the amount of cash they have to spend on the sales.

The deputy editor of Which? Money, Sam Richardson, expressed: “We strongly advise customers that have been left out of pocket to keep evidence of extra expenses they may have incurred as a result of the outage, so they can be claimed back from HSBC.

“People want a bank they can depend on, and if IT outages become a regular occurrence, consumers could be tempted to vote with their feet and switch to an alternative provider – particularly with a lot of tempting switching incentives on offer at the moment.”

“Having a backup bank account or credit card can help by giving consumers a way to make essential payments during outages like these.”

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