Porsche to witness weal in global automobile deliveries and woe in all-electric vehicle sales

The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia and the semiconductor shortage have severed the worldwide supply chain. Amidst this catastrophe, in 2022, Porsche, a German high-performance automobile manufacturer, was able to expand its global deliveries.

The predicament not only led to supply chain deterioration for other car makers but also affected Porsche’s first-ever all-electric vehicle, Tycan EV sales. Albeit, the automobile manufacturing company raised its global deliveries to 2.6% last year.

As claimed by the company, the global delivery count has surged to almost 309884 vehicles in the last year, which was approximately 8000 more in number than 2021 sales.

Moreover, the sales stat of ultra-luxury automobile manufacturers in 2022 asserts the economic downturn effect on conventional cars. Compared to mainstream automobiles, a lesser degree of adversity, soaring inflation, and interest rate surge influence was seen in luxury passenger automobile dealings. Manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Bentley made a record in last year’s sales.

A significant increase in sales, approximately 22%, has been seen in the Cayenne models of Porsche. In contrast, sales of other models have dropped. Among them, the Tycan model marked a 23% drop in sales.

The sales and marketing head of the automobile manufacturing company has remarked, “The many challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, interrupted supply chains, and the ongoing semiconductor crisis have shaped the past year and put us to the test.”

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