Bank of England is ready to increase interest rates to 4.5%

The Bank of England is ready to increase interest rates to 4.5%

As the central bank upgrades its economic growth expectations, it has said that there will be no recession this year.

For the 12th consecutive time, the Bank of England has raised the rate of interest, boosting borrowing costs to 4.5% and also warning that, compared to the previous year, this year’s inflation will be higher.

There won’t be a recession this year, according to the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank, which has boosted its forecast for economic growth more than in any of its prior assessments.

It has undergone a significant transformation from only a few months ago, when it was anticipating the deepest recession in modern British history.

However, it only generates comparatively modest economic development for this year and the following year.

As interest rates are at their highest point, the Bank expressed astonishment at the rate at which food costs are growing, indicating that there would be more inflation. The rate at which food prices are rising each year will be higher this year and next year.

Compared to the previously estimated inflation rate of around 4%, as per the Bank, it is currently at 5% at the end of the year.

As a result, the prime minister may just miss his goal of halving inflation this year, according to the bank’s predictions, even if it previously appeared to be a quite modest goal.

The rate of interest has surged since 2008, impacting thousands of households as they feel the heat of rising borrowing costs; however, according to the Bank, the economy has only felt the effects of rising mortgage payments to a third of their full extent.

To change the interest rates, the policy committee held a vote, which resulted in a split as seven members voted in favor of the quarter percentage point increase.

However, both committee members, Silvana Tenreyro and Swati Dhingra, voted in favor of leaving them unchanged.

Compared to the previous prediction of a half percentage point contraction, the new prediction suggests that the economy will surge by a quarter percentage point, as per the committee.

As compared to earlier predictions for a quarter-point drop, the gross domestic product will surge by three-quarters of a point in 2024.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is still hopeful regarding his inflation reaching the target; however, he disclosed that “there’s never been anything automatic about hitting it”.

He further revealed: “Although it’s obviously good news the Bank is not now predicting a recession this year, it’s very challenging for families with mortgages to see interest rates go up.

“But, unless we tackle rising prices, the cost of living crisis will just continue and that’s why it’s essential we stick to our plan to halve inflation—and if we do that, we can bring certainty back to family finances.”

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