Equalities watchdog pleased with Labour antisemitism reforms

Equalities watchdog pleased with Labour antisemitism reforms

The UK’s equality watchdog says that it is “satisfied” with Labour’s improving actions, showing how well they are managing antisemitism complaints.

After obtaining a critical report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2020, the party was compelled to reform its policies.

It discovered that Labour was accountable for the illicit discrimination during times when Jeremy Corbyn was in charge.

Sir Keir Starmer, the party leader, said that they were “heading in the right direction.”

EHRC now shares that it is “content with the action taken” by Labour and will soon wind up its two-year monitoring.

It signified “an important moment in the history of the Labour Party,” said Sir Keir. 

After acquiring plenty of antisemitism complaints from within the party during Mr. Corbyn’s tenure, the EHRC initiated an inquiry in May 2019.

Issued in October 2020, EHRC’s report uncovers Labour’s breach of the Equality Act, wherein it failed to furnish adequate staff training for the handling of complaints.

Additionally, the Equality Watchdog also stated that another reason the party breached the Act was Mr. Corbyn’s office causing “political interference” when dealing with complaints.

Labour was asked to come up with a plan that would enhance its complaint handling process, and it soon came up with it by December 2020.

This pushed the party towards committing to and erecting an independent complaint handling procedure, assembling a guide for the staff dealing with complaints, and upgrading their training program.

Marcial Boo, the EHRC chief executive, said that they completed their two-year monitoring by January’s end, concluding it with a last meeting with Labour in December.

He said that, “We were satisfied that the party had implemented the necessary actions to improve its complaints, recruitment, training and other procedures to the legal standards required.”

Moreover, he said that the watchdog will remain connected with the party, ensuring that they are in control of the action plan.

Accepting the EHRC’s feedback and decision, Sir Keir conveyed his and the party’s apology to those who were impacted by the antisemitism within its ranks.

He added, “What you have been through can never be undone. Apologies alone cannot make it right.”

“I don’t see today’s announcement as the end of the road. I see it as a signpost that we are heading in the right direction.”

Sir Keir suspended Mr Corbyn, the Labour MP, for responding to the EHRC report by saying that Labour’s antisemitism was being “overstated” by their opponents.

The preceding leader was added back to the party following his comment on how antisemitism concerns were neither “exaggerated nor overstated.” However, he isn’t representing Labour in Parliament anymore.

Sir Keir stated in December that he couldn’t “see the circumstances” that would allow Mr. Corbyn to present himself as a candidate for the party’s next election.

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