Northern Ireland: A fascinating destination for foreign investment

What does the right investment destination appear to you? The one with low costs, a strong talent pipeline, an excellent infrastructure, entrance to international markets, and a great place to stay, right? That’s the guarantee of Northern Ireland to you. It is uniquely placed between the European Continent and North America. It brings an incredible offer to all students, businesses, startups, technology firms, and more. It is made incredibly clear by the statistics.

Almost 1200 international companies invested in Northern Ireland. In the country, over 70% of new inward investors reinvest. Not one, but two excellent universities named Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University are found there. The operating costs are 30% lower when compared to the other locations in the UK and Europe. The second lowest in Western Europe is the Corporation tax at 19%.

What specialties about Northern Ireland have succeeded in making it an investment destination for global

companies from Citi to Fujitsu, from Microsoft to Airbus?

The world’s most business-friendly city of its size is Belfast. Its excellent universities routinely deliver a remarkable caliber of talent year in and year out. Moreover, Northern Ireland acts as a natural bridge between the two titanic markets of Europe and North America with three airports, a modern road, a rail network, and a 100 gigabyte per second telecoms link between those two continents.

But it is not only the robust infrastructure of the country that makes it a good destination for investment. The country has several vibrant and thriving industries from technology to film production.

Consider its Life and Health Science Cluster. The cutting-edge research is occurring across the country at the vanguard of precision medicine, Medtech, and clinical trials. An example is the Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence, about ten million pounds based in Belfast, a collaboration between Invest NI, the country’s economic development agency, and Queen’s University Belfast.

Another example is Neurovalens. A MedTech Start-up, the firm made a headset that gives tiny electric pulses to the brain, providing a cost-effective alternative treatment for diabetes and obesity. It’s this type of innovation that is the heart of the country, thereby making it attractive for investors all over the world.

Through that innovation, several startups have been founded in Northern Ireland, creating a remarkable array of international success stories. One of those startups is FD Technologies. Despite its humble origins of having been started in a spare bedroom in 1996, it has evolved into a global software firm with operations across the globe.

Or take a startup company named Stat Sports based out of Newry. It gives real-time sports data for coaches to assess on the field or during a training session. It permits the managers to understand the individual players’ health and the overall team’s approach.

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